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Kingdom Age Lifestyle

"On Earth as It is In Heaven"





The Star of David is God’s symbol of the Godhead being one with His children. The triangle pointing up represents The Father, Jesus, & Holy Spirit. The triangle pointing down represents Body, Soul & Spirit. He interlocked the triangles as a sign of His desire to be ONE with us. The Menorah represents the 7 Spirits burning before the Throne, each one is connected to one of the 7 colors of the rainbow. The Rainbow speaks of the Covenant of Love and Promise between the Father and His children. It is our worship that produces passionate flames of fire around the Father’s heart (the Stones of Fire in Ezekiel 28, they look like diamond mountains). Fire on a diamond makes a rainbow shoot out. The Rainbow is connected to the 7 Spirits before the Throne of God and the 7 Mountains of Influence: Red represents the Spirit of the Lord/Prophecy (Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy) and the Mountain of Family, Orange represents the Spirit of Wisdom and the Mountain of the Arts, Yellow represents the Spirit of Understanding and the Mountain of Religion, Green represents the Spirit of Counsel and the Mountain of Economy, Teal (lt. blue) represents the Spirit of Might and the Mountain of Media, Indigo (Dk blue) represents the Spirit of Revelation Knowledge and the Mountain of Education, & Purple represents the Spirit of Reverential & Obedient Fear of the Lord and the Mountain of Government. Silver represents being redeemed by the all-powerful blood of the Lamb. Iridescent stones represent the cleansing power of HolySpirit. 



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