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Kingdom Age Lifestyle

"On Earth as It is In Heaven"





This is made with the colors of the Rainbow, each color is connected to one of the 7 Spirits (radiations) of God. The RAINBOW is produced from the Father's heart through our worship. It is a product of the Passionate flames of fire that rise-up around the stones of fire within our Papa God, they looked like diamond mountains when I was taken there to see them. Fire on a diamond reflects a rainbow. Our mutual love between Father and Child is the reason the RAINBOW is given as a sign of COVENANT love and promise. Light blue represents the Spirit of Might that Samson walked in. The JOY of the Lord is our strength. Purple represents the Spirit of Reverential & Obedient Fear of the Lord (which will be the controlling Spirit over the earth in the next outpouring of His Spirit), Yellow represents the Spirit of Understanding like the tribe of Issachar had to know the times and seasons of God. Dk blue represents the Spirit of Revelation Knowledge like Daniel walked with. Green represents the Spirit of Counsel to discern spirits, like King David walked with. Red represents the Spirit of the Lord or Prophecy because Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy. Orange represents the Spirit of Wisdom like Solomon walked in. White represents righteousness and the purity of the Bride


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